A large part of SES's expertise is related to contaminated soil, groundwater and surface water assessment and remediation.

Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
Schmidt Environmental Solutions personnel have completed hundreds of Phase I, Phase II and Phase III ESAs across Canada.

All ESAs are completed by a professional engineer who is registered as a Qualified Person (QP) by the Ministry of the Environment to complete environmental assessments in Ontario.

Real Estate
When a commercial or industrial property is bought or sold, the financial institution or lender generally requires that an environmental assessment be completed.  The purpose of this assessment is to protect the buyer (and the lender) from inheriting what could be significant liability and costs associated with sub-surface contamination.

Schmidt Environmental Solutions can complete these assessments in a timely manner that will satisfy all lending institutions and provide the buyer with peace of mind.

Long Term Monitoring and Contaminant Management Plans
There are times when it is not technically or fiscally feasible to remediate soil or groundwater at a site. In these cases, SES can develop a long-term monitoring and/or contaminant management plan that will address potential liability and regulatory issues.

Records of Site Condition (RSCs)
When an company, municipality or individual land owner wants to change the land use of a property from commercial or industrial to something more sensitive (e.g. residential) the Ministry of the Environment requires that an RSC be filed. A filed RSC indicates that a site meets the applicable chemical standards for contaminants based on it's intended land use.

Schmidt Environmental Solutions is qualified to assess and remediate properties in support of, and subsequently file for, an RSC.

Risk Assessments
As indicated, often it is not technically or fiscally feasible to remediate all the soil or groundwater at a site to generic government standards. In these cases, a risk assessment (RA) may be completed to develop modified generic or site-specific standards based on individual property characteristics.

Schmidt Environmental Solutions can collect the appropriate data and facilitate the completion of an RA on an as-needed basis.



Landfill Permitting and Monitoring
Schmidt Environmental Solutions follows a transparent permitting process in all of its permit applications.  The philosophy being: if the regulator is involved with the process from the beginning, the permit will be issued in a timely manner avoiding costly delays and unexpected additional studies.

Schmidt Environmental Solutions completes annual environmental monitoring and operations reporting services for municipal and private landfills.

In addition, SES completes all aspects of landfill Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) amendment and compliance activities including:

• Hydrogeological Assessments
• Surface Water Assessments
• Design and Operations Reports

Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Compliance
New regulations governing operational fuel handling facilities place additional environmental responsibilites on the owners of these properties. Schmidt Environmenal Solutions has completed numerous environmental assessments related to TSSA regulations.

Usually these assessments are completed in conjunction with fuel-handling facility upgrading activities or site decomissioning.

Permits to Take Water (PTTW)
Schmidt Environmental Solutions personnel have successfully completed several PTTW applications for surface water and groundwater.


The environmental management of spill sites is quite different than conventional contaminated sites.  Every site has to be assessed individually rather than following a prescribed process.  A site-specific plan is devised based on the site characteristics, contaminated media, and constraints.  This plan is continually reworked and revised based on information and data as it becomes available.

Schmidt Environmental Solutions Inc. works with spill response and insurance companies to ensure remediation effectiveness for environmental releases.


Mining is an important industry in Sudbury and all of northern Ontario. Schmidt Environmental Solutions works with mining companies to complete their environmental objectives including:

• Surface and Groundwater Sampling
• Soil Remediation and Sampling
• Assisstance with Baseline Studies
• Hydrogeological Investigations